Parenti Srl was founded in Modena in 1980 by Antonio Parenti, former employee at Bandini Spa  (known as Terex today). Over the years, Parenti S.r.L grew and developed very much. Starting  from the revision of industrial machines and the construction of hydraulic winches for projects,  nowadays this company occupies a leading position in Italy in the field of OEM spare parts and  aftermarket.
Parenti means passion for the customer and for what we do every day, competence, developed  during almost 40 years of hard work, efficiency thanks to a flexible structure which allows to offer  convenient prices, timeliness of materials’ delivery, the basis of our qualitative service.

Parenti Team davanti alla sede con insegna
Parenti Team davanti alla sede con insegna

The company manufactures and sells spare parts for mobile cranes and industrial machines,  carries out repairs on industrial vehicles, and installs and studies load limiters for rope hoists,  guaranteeing our customers greater protection for the operator, the hoisting vehicle and the  structure of the installation.

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